L-102R Vinyl Fuse™ Matte

Legacy L-102R Vinyl Fuse™ Matte is an easy to use product that adds a clear protective matte finish to fabrics. It features a gridded, removable paper backing for easy measuring. Great for projects such as cosmetic bags, children’s toys, bibs and more!

  • Clear
  • 100% Acid-Free Vinyl
  • Packaged Size: 28cm x 2m
  • Clear protective matte finish
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Water repellent and UV rated
  • Hand wash in cold water or wipe with a damp cloth. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or use fabric softeners.

 Find this and other quality Legacy products at your local Spotlight Store.


General Directions:

1. Pre-heat dry iron to medium heat setting and press fabric to remove any folds or creases.
2. Peel Vinyl Fuse™ Matte from release paper and finger press sticky side to the right side of the fabric.
3. Place the waxy side of the release paper on top of the vinyl. Be careful not to touch the iron directly to the Vinyl-Fuse™ Matte.
4. Press iron onto the release paper and hold for 8 seconds. Always iron on a smooth surface to prevent bubbling.
5. Repeat by lifting iron onto a different area and holding for 8 seconds, slightly overlapping until desired area is covered and fused.
6. Flip fabric over and iron the back of the fabric for 4 seconds. Repeat by lifting iron onto a new area and pressing for 4 seconds, slightly overlapping until desired area is covered.
7. For double-sided Vinyl-Fuse™ Matte projects, adhere sticky side of the vinyl to the remaining side of the fabric and repeat the process.


— Touch-Ups may be required after washing. Always use paper-backing or a piece of very smooth fabric between iron and laminate.
— If project requires sewing, use Vinyl-Fuse™ Matte to laminate all materials first.

CAUTION: Vinyl-Fuse™ Matte is not recommended for use in items children may put in their mouth. Do NOT use on items that come in direct contact with food.

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