L-371R Fuse-N-Tear™

Legacy 371 Fuse-N-Tear™ is an iron-on stabilizer that eliminates the sliding, puckering, and shifting of fabric during machine or hand embroidery. The excess easily tears away, leaving no sticky residue. You can use more than one layer for added strength. It is great for fabric stamping, borders, buttonholes, and appliqué.

  • White
  • Acid-Free 70% Polester/30% Cellulose
  • Fusible tear-away embroidery stabilizer
  • Packaged size: 31cm x 11m
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low or dry clean

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General Directions:
[How to Use as a Stabilizer]

Note: Use 1-3 layers of Fuse-N-Tear™ depending on the weight of your fabric and the density of your embroidery design. When using multiple layers, fuse one at a time.

1. Secure Fuse-N-Tear™ to wrong side of fabric by ironing the smooth side down with a dry iron at the fabric’s recommended temperature.
2. Press for 5-10 seconds and check to see if fusing is complete. If needed, add a little more time. Repeat if adding additional layers.
3.  Allow to cool.
4.  Stitch desired area. 
5.  Upon completion of stitching, gently trim or tear away excess Fuse-N-Tear™.


— If using multiple layers, tear away one layer at a time.
— The fusible side of Fuse-N-Tear™ is the smooth side.

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