L-809 Fuse-N-Shade™

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Legacy L-809 Fuse-N-Shade™  is a firm, nonwoven, fusible stabilizer that provides extra crispness and support. It is fantastic for use in placemats, director chairs, lamp shades, and drapery headers. For areas that require extra rigidity, use 2 layers.

Accessories: Use Fuse-N-Shade™ to add body and strength to fabrics used for projects such as eyeglass cases, tote bags, hat brims, visors, soft luggage, etc. For areas that require extra rigidity, use two layers.

Crafts: Create fabric flowers, ornaments, soft books, advent calendars, toys, etc.

Home Decorating: Fuse-N-Shade™ can be used in a wide range of home decorating projects, including wall hangings, closet organizers, bed caddies, kitchen accessories, placemats, table runners and coasters. Use Fuse-N-Shade™ to create roller shades, valances, and drapery tiebacks.

  • White
  • 90% Polyester/10% Rayon
  • 114cm by-the-metre width
  • Fusible stabilizer
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Machine wash warm, Tumble dry low or dry clean.

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