L-ST-920 EZ Fix Tape™

Legacy EZ-Fix Tape™ is a temporary, clear, two-sided pressure sensitive adhesive that works well on a variety of surfaces such fabric, skin, paper, cardboard, and leather without leaving any residue. It is great for hems in all garments, keeping straps and facings in place, holding low necklines in place, avoiding gaps between buttonholes, and temporary placement of trims on hats, purses, or garments.

  • Temporary
  • Packaged size: 19.1mm x 4.6m
  • Should not be sewn through
  • Should be removed before laundering or dry cleaning

EZ Fix Tape™ is great for:

  • Hems in all garments
  • Keeping straps and facings in place
  • Holding low necklines in place
  • Avoiding gaps between buttonholes
  • Temporary placement of trims on hats, purses or garments

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General Directions:
1. Cut tape to desired length.
2. Place sticky side in desired location and finger press in place.
3. Gently peel off paper-backing and press second side where needed.

Note: EZ-Fix™ Tape cannot be sewn and should be removed before laundering or dry cleaning.

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