Legacy 100% Natural Cotton Batting

Legacy 100% Cotton Batting  is made of 100% Ultra Clean Cotton fibers which provide softness and durability. Quilters and crafters trust and love natural cotton due to the time proven qualities it lends to all projects. Cotton shrinks 3-5% (pre-soak as needed). The lightweight and soft stabilizing scrim binder provides strength and allows for a stitching area of up to 20-25cm apart. If 100% Cotton Batting with no scrim is preferred, stitching area decreases to 10cm.

  • Natural
  • 100% Ultra Clean Cotton
  • 244cm by-the-metre width
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Needle-punched with scrim for extra stability
  • Soft and durable for beautiful draping
  • 6mm loft
  • Washable by machine or hand. Dry Cleanable.
  • Interleaf: with scrim // without scrim

Find this and other quality Legacy products at your local Spotlight Store.

Grab-N-Go Board, 8.2m x 2.28m

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