L-ST-EK150-10 Batting & Seam Tape

Legacy Batting & Seam Tape is great for stabilizing seams and softening the rough edges of scratchy fabrics. It can also be used to join leftover and scrap pieces of batting.

  • White
  • 100%  Polyester
  • Packaged Size: 3.8cm x 9m
  • Fusible Stabilizing Seam Tape
  • Sewing machine safe

Find this and other quality Legacy products at your local Spotlight Store.



General Directions:

To Stabilize Seams —  Cut tape to desired length and fuse to wrong side of garment anywhere extra stability is needed. Do no sew tape over intersecting seams. Recommended for stabilizing waistlines, curved necklines, shoulder seams, pockets, and gathered seams.

To Finish and Soften Rough Edges — Sew seams of hem. Cut tape to desired length and fuse to the wrong side of the garment covering raw edges. This technique also finished the raw edges of fabrics that tend to fray increasing the garment’s durability.

To Join Batting Pieces — Abut your pieces of batting together on pressing surface. With iron at Wool/Steam setting, start at one end and, using slight pressure, baste in place with your iron. Once placement is done, go back over the area to ensure that it is completely fused.


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